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It is recognised that every child needs to be set challenging targets, creating learning opportunities which allow the individual to build on existing strengths and overcome any weaknesses.

Throughout the school, the children are taught in classes not exceeding thirty in number. Every class has its own teacher and spends the majority of lesson time in their own classroom.  These are appropriately furnished and equipped with quality resources.  Each class teacher is supported by a Teaching Partner to ensure individual needs are met, allowing each child to make progress at their own pace and in their own way. 

With the above in mind, Brookside Primary is well placed to deliver the desired outcomes in a bright and airy learning environment which will inspire and motivate.  To complement the main circulation areas, hall and library, the children benefit from the 'Brookside Garden’ to enrich their curriculum experience.  They also enjoy extensive outside play areas with a range of playground equipment, together with the well maintained sports field to enhance learning.