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School Nursery Provision

Our Early Years provision is deeply rooted in the values and beliefs of what our youngest children need as individuals, as they embark on their educational journey. Our ethos is supported by the knowledge, understanding, skills, care and experience of our staff.

The Early Years are a time of ‘awe and wonder’ as children discover, explore and try out new things, and in our Early Year’s settings, children have opportunities to play, learn and develop as they experience a wide range of adult-led and child initiated activities.

Staff build upon what children already know and can do, promote their self-confidence, autonomy, independence and fulfilment. Making regular assessments of children’s learning and development, staff use this information to ensure that future planning reflects identified needs. Using individual profiling and tracking, children’s learning is monitored throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage and into Key Stage 1.

Our ethos embraces and nurtures every child as an individual, with positive attitudes and respect for themselves, others and their environment. We will offer children rich experiences in a variety of situations, in learning environments that stimulate and invite them to engage holistically and emotionally both indoors and outdoors.

For further information or to apply for a place, please contact Julie Pegg in the first instance -