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Romans Workshop

Pupils of Year 3 classes, Ottawa and Brasilia, had a fantastic workshop on The Romans presented by Tiberius, a Roman expert, on Tuesday, which was enjoyable for both the pupils and staff. Tiberius provided an experience for children to be totally immersed in the Roman culture and their way of living. Using maps, clothes, props, and artefacts such as coins and weapons from Roman times, the children were fascinated and excited to learn about the many different aspects of Roman life. They were particularly interested in the weaponry used in battle and the reasons why the Romans were so successful at conquering other countries. Tiberius sat children in groups and presented them with many artefacts from Roman times, and then asked them to predict what they believed each item was used for. He had both classes acting out a Roman battle and dual. Pupils also learnt about the rebel Queen Boadicea who led an army against the Romans. In the end, they were encouraged to ask questions and they were enthusiastic and participated extremely well.