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  • Let’s make American Fries!

    Let’s make American Fries!


    As part of their learning of ‘From Hayes to America’, the children have been exploring different American foods, including where they originated.

  • Let’s Group Animals

    Let’s Group Animals


    It was a delightful moment for pupils in Year 1, on Friday 16th October as they learnt about animals and their classification.

  • Can we Make Drums!

    Can we Make Drums!


    Nursery pupils explored music and rhythm as they celebrated Black History Month in an interactive and joyful way.

  • Scary Monsters aargh…

    Scary Monsters aargh…


    Year 1 Helsinki class had a fantastic time on Friday 2nd October showcasing their creativity by drawing and describing their own monsters.

  • Let’s Get Active!

    Let’s Get Active!


    Pupils in Year 5 have been flexing their muscles and testing their agility, playing sports on the School’s field.

  • Welcome Back!

    Welcome Back!


    The new Reception class children were filled with excitement and were eager to meet their new class teacher and friends.

  • Lockdown Poem

    Lockdown Poem


    Georgia in Year 3 Brasilia unlocked her imagination and embraced her creative flair as she took part in a challenge to showcase her extraordinary literary talent by writing a poem about lockdown!

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