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  • Rocket Ship Finale

    Rocket Ship Finale


    Children in Year 1 completed their spectacular rocket ships on Friday 18th December, and worked cooperatively to add the finishing touches to their rockets.

  • Christmas Lunch

    Christmas Lunch


    With a mouth-watering Christmas lunch, a wonderful festive atmosphere and a magical ambience transpiring throughout, the Christmas lunch was undoubtedly a memorable moment for all!

  • What can you Smell?

    What can you Smell?


    Year 1 pupils have been using their nose to explore their sense of smell during a science lesson on Friday 27th November.

  • Rangoli Art

    Rangoli Art


    Pupils in Year 5 Pretoria decided to ward off evil spirits and welcome good luck by decorating Rangoli patterns.

  • Guy Fawkes Night

    Guy Fawkes Night


    To commemorate Guy Fawkes Night, pupils in Berlin and Madrid designed beautiful, bright, bold firework display pictures and explored sounds by using their imaginations to identify onomatopoeic words associated with fireworks.

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