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  • Mobile Planetarium Show

    Mobile Planetarium Show


    On Tuesday 7th December, the children in Years 1 and 3 engaged in a unique, 360-degree, interactive learning experience at the Wonderdome Workshop as part of the Mobile Planetarium Show in school.

  • Seasonal Change

    Seasonal Change


    To enhance their learning on seasons, whilst improving their fine motor skills, Reception children used scissors to cut out and stick images of different clothing items into the relevant categories for winter or summer.

  • Pinning Ceremony

    Pinning Ceremony


    On Thursday 11th November, children, parents, guardians and carers across Brookside beamed with pride as we pinned our Junior Leaders for the 2021 to 2022 academic year.

  • States of Matter

    States of Matter


    Year 4 children have been learning about the states of matter and carried out an investigation into how these occur.

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