Farewell Year 6 21/07/21

After a very eventful year of being in lockdown and learning online when necessary, the Year 6s have demonstrated their resilience in being responsible learners. On Friday 16th July, they participated in a wonderful Leavers Assembly entitled ‘Looking Back on the Years’ where they showcased their acting and singing skills. In addition, on Monday 19th July, they transformed into Teaching Partners for the morning, helping our younger years in their lessons and at playtime. 

With a heavy heart, we bid our Year 6 classes a fond farewell, but we do so, safe in the knowledge that they have a solid foundation of the ‘6Rs’ and have proven to be Resourceful, Respectful, Reflective, Rational and Responsible learners. We look forward to hearing about their future successes knowing they will always remain part of the Brookside family.

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