Sports Week 5/07/21

After a week of marked leadership, teamwork and agility through intense training sessions, the children progressed with enhanced skills in three sports: football, rounders and netball. 

Finally, Sports Week was underway and the children stormed through the different sports events, putting everything they had learnt into practise, from passing, dribbling, batting, ground fielding, hand-eye coordination to attacking and defending drills. The day of the finals was then upon us, where the most competitive took to the field to compete against each other to score a win for their team. 

On Thursday 24th June the big day arrived for the Teachers vs Pupils matches! The pupils showed great passion, worked as a team and ‘wiped the floor’ with the teachers, winning both the rounders and netball matches! Fortunately for the teachers, they managed a win in the football game as they had the proficient Mr. Cap on side and losing at football wasn’t an option for him! Well done to all the children for your participation and great sportsmanship, and congratulations to our winners. 

An excellent day was had by all and definitely one to remember!

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