Handa’s Surprise 3/02/20

Year 1 have been reading Handa’s Surprise for their Literacy lessons. The story is based in Africa about a young girl, Handa, who puts 7 delicious summer fruits in a basket to take to her friend in a nearby village. However, as she strolled placidly through the village, carrying the basket securely upon her head, various creatures steal Handa’s fruits without her knowledge... The children will continue to read Handa’s Surprise in their next Literacy lesson to find out the wonderful surprise that Handa encounters.

On Tuesday 21st January, as part of their topic, the children learnt about where in the world, the seven different fruits are grown, before making very delicious and visually-impressive fruit and vegetable tasting platters. Please see below, some of the images taken on the day. 

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