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  • Fire Safety

    Fire Safety


    On Monday 16th May, the Firefighters came to the School to teach the Reception classes how to stay safe around fire and what to do in an emergency.

  • Pirates Workshop

    Pirates Workshop


    Year 1 pupils have been learning about pirates in their history lessons.  The children were honoured to have ‘the Pirate Man’ in school yesterday to facilitate an exciting, engaging and informative pirate workshop.  The pupil...

  • Jam Sandwiches

    Jam Sandwiches


    Year 1 pupils who have been learning about following instructions – enthusiastically followed instructions to make jam sandwiches.

  • ‘Egg-citing’ Experiment

    ‘Egg-citing’ Experiment


    Year 4 pupils took part in an ‘egg-citing’ tooth decay experiment using eggshells to represent tooth enamel, observing the effect liquids such as Coke, milk, orange juice and apple juice have on their teeth.

  • Happy Pi (π) Day!

    Happy Pi (π) Day!


    Monday 14th March was celebrated as Pi Day, also known as the International Day of Mathematics, under the theme “Mathematics Unites”, as well as the birthday of one of the greatest scientists and mathematicians, Albert Einstein.

  • World Thinking Day

    World Thinking Day


    Using recycled materials, the children have been demonstrating their artisanship by creating pieces of work based on this year’s theme for World Thinking Day: ‘Our World, Our Equal Future’.  This was a great opportunity for...

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