Aims of the Trust

The Academy Trust will only appoint additional teachers who will care deeply about the needs of the children in their care, knowing how to make learning effective and enjoyable.

Through an on-going programme of professional development, we can ensure that our teachers have a broad range of effective teaching strategies together with the ability to cultivate individual talents through a programme of personalised learning for each child. Through inspiring teaching, we aim to give each child a sense of well-being, encouraging courtesy and respect so that everyone can flourish and realise their full potential.

Working together, we will plan the educational journey of every child, drawing on the wider resources of the Academy Trust to ensure that there is both challenge and support.  In many instances, teachers are encouraged to operate at the very forefront of local and national innovation, always combining this with tried and tested traditional teaching methods, backed up with approaches that make productive use of emerging technology. 

In short, Brookside Primary School strives to achieve excellence, seeking to be among the highest performing schools in the Borough and beyond.

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