Let’s make American Fries! 9/11/20

As part of their learning of ‘From Hayes to America’, the children have been exploring different American foods, including where they originated. With the popular notion that food is the single great unifier across cultures, from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd October, Year 5 pupils prepared crispy, golden American French Fries in Food Technology. They donned their toques and dominated the kitchen, mastering the technique behind peeling potatoes with assistance and guidance from the teachers. They cut the potatoes into thin sticks and seasoned them generously before frying. After setting aside the fries to drain, pupils enhanced their aesthetic appeal by plating their dish exquisitely before eagerly devouring every morsel of their sumptuous fries… Yum! 

As always, we aim to give our children a first-hand experience of the topics they learn.

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