Floral Art 13/07/20

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 have been using the features of flowers in particular petals to create floral art. As a warm up, the children used acrylic paint and a string of wool to create simple floral patterns. By using only the wool strings and their choice of colours, they embraced new approaches to nurturing, creating and presenting their artistic pieces as they explored challenging new concepts through experimental art.

Through this exercise, the children learnt how chance is closely connected with art; they observed how the unpredictability of chance stimulates the imagination in creating an unfamiliar work of art. This activity encouraged children to use their creative imagination to create something that was foreign yet pleasing, but also enabled them to minimise ‘the fear of the blank paper’, which all artists struggle with in the beginning of their creative development.
In the activity, the children used the actual flowers as their main object. Using their artistic talents, they transformed the flowers into dresses, umbrellas, hats, hair accessories and finished their piece using their drawing skills. The children were encouraged to look at their pieces from different angles to see the effects of their interventions from different perspectives. They then used the flowers as stencils to create floral collages using water paint. By using the transparency of the water paint, they could create a layered piece of work, demonstrating their previously learned skills in depth.

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