Help is on the Way! - Emergency Vehicles 6/07/20

To enable the emergency services to respond to incidents in emergency situations, children from Reception to Year 3 designed their own emergency service vehicles in Design and Technology (DT). This topic links to the Key Worker display the children had contributed to to celebrate and honour the diligence of our key workers. The children learnt all about the emergency services in the United Kingdom and how they do their utmost to protect us. They were then able to generate ideas for their own vehicles and created a design specification to identify the suitability of their materials to ensure they were fit for purpose. The children were encouraged to develop their designs based on the emergency vehicles they have come across. They applied basic measuring skills and utilised their knowledge of forces in Science to construct a purposeful and functional emergency service vehicle, such as an ambulance, fire engine or police car. Well done children for your creative efforts and the enthusiasm you brought to the task!

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