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  • Rangoli Art

    Rangoli Art


    Pupils in Year 5 Pretoria decided to ward off evil spirits and welcome good luck by decorating Rangoli patterns.

  • Guy Fawkes Night

    Guy Fawkes Night


    To commemorate Guy Fawkes Night, pupils in Berlin and Madrid designed beautiful, bright, bold firework display pictures and explored sounds by using their imaginations to identify onomatopoeic words associated with fireworks.

  • Let’s make American Fries!

    Let’s make American Fries!


    As part of their learning of ‘From Hayes to America’, the children have been exploring different American foods, including where they originated.

  • Let’s Group Animals

    Let’s Group Animals


    It was a delightful moment for pupils in Year 1, on Friday 16th October as they learnt about animals and their classification.

  • Can we Make Drums!

    Can we Make Drums!


    Nursery pupils explored music and rhythm as they celebrated Black History Month in an interactive and joyful way.

  • Scary Monsters aargh…

    Scary Monsters aargh…


    Year 1 Helsinki class had a fantastic time on Friday 2nd October showcasing their creativity by drawing and describing their own monsters.

  • Let’s Get Active!

    Let’s Get Active!


    Pupils in Year 5 have been flexing their muscles and testing their agility, playing sports on the School’s field.

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