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  • Internet Safety Week!

    Internet Safety Week!

    22/07/19 delivered an interactive workshop to all Key Stage 2 pupils, to make them aware of on-line dangers and the power of the internet. 

  • Sports Day - Key Stage 2

    Sports Day - Key Stage 2


    On Friday 5th July, our children enjoyed a hot exciting day cheering each other on as they competed during their annual sports day. Our parents, guardians and carers also came along to cheer them on and show their support. So many of our children...

  • Competition WINNER Marcin

    Competition WINNER Marcin


    Year 6 pupil Marcin was announced a regional winner. The centre received over 18,000 applications in total. Well done Marcin this is a great achievement!

  • Letters and Postcards for Headteacher

    Letters and Postcards for Headteacher


    Children in Berlin and Madrid learnt about the features of a writing a letter or postcard. They had a great time exploring and understanding the requirements to send communication through the post including the need for an address, stamp and date...

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