We are proud of our team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to support us in achieving our goals.

The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust as sponsor, is responsible for a number of schools and colleges, including Brookside Primary School.  As part of its remit, the Trust continues to drive up standards, being fully committed to the further development of its provision for its stakeholders.   The Brookside Primary Local Advisory (Governing) Body (LAB) is therefore required to meet formally each term before reporting to the Academy Board as part of Governance Day, involving the Members and Directors. 

The LAB consists of community (co-opted) members, parents, guardians, carers and staff.  The skills sets, expertise and commitment of each individual are fundamental, as the LAB is critical to the work of Brookside Primary School and overall governance arrangements of the Trust.   Accordingly, the Brookside Primary LAB is made up as follows:


Elizabeth Wakling, Chair  [Email:]

Nicholas Obie, Headteacher

Faizah Ahmed, Parent

Norman Deas, Community

Jane Ellis, Executive Headteacher

Zainab Jamil, Parent

Debra Smith, Community

Thumbnail EWakling web-1 Elizabeth Wakling

Elizabeth Wakling is a recently retired Primary Headteacher. She has worked in Hillingdon for over 20 years after living abroad and working within education. She holds the National Professional Qualification for Headteachers. She is a trustee of Life Education which works within schools in Hillingdon and surrounding areas to support Personal, Social and Health Education for children from the Foundation Stage to Year 7. Her experience means she is in a good position to support the School with her educational understanding, knowledge and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

[01.03.16 to 01.03.21]   [No pecuniary interest declared]

Thumbail NOBIE web-1 Nicholas Obie

Nicholas Obie is an able leader with a wealth of knowledge and experience relating to the secondary phase.  As a former Principal of a local studio college, his commitment and dedication in channelling learners to realise their expectations remains his focus.  Having worked as an Assistant Headteacher at a number of large mainstream secondary schools and a practising Headteacher of an Alternative Provision School, he seeks to create positive life changing experiences and provide a well-rounded educational experience for those in his care through his inclusive outlook.  As a former Director of a programme based in the USA aimed at helping children at risk, Nick is an inspirational practitioner with high aspirations for all learners at Brookside Primary School.

[01.09.16 to 01.09.21]  [No pecuniary interest declared]

Faizah Ahmed

Having embarked on a governance role in an ex-officio capacity, Faizah Ahmed is keen to contribute to the community and make a real difference to Brookside Primary.  With two children attending the school, she relishes the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people and pupils from all social, cultural and religious backgrounds.  She believes that good communication between school, parents and pupils is of paramount importance.  She is keen to help with any potential areas of concern, providing continuity and input as the School consolidates its strengths.  

[10.02.16 to 10.02.21]  [No pecuniary interest declared]

Thumbnail NDEAS web-1 Norman Deas

Norman Deas has been closely associated with all aspects of the catering industry throughout his working life.  Having graduated from the Scottish Hotel School at the University of Strathclyde, he gained practical hands on experience within various sectors of the industry and ultimately directorships of several large contract catering companies.  In 1997, he set up Goodfellows CMS Ltd which specialised purely in Education and sold the company to Compass in 2004 before setting up GSS Catering Management Services as a consultancy to the catering industry.  He is a Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality, a member of the British Hospitality Association, a past Chairman and Director of the European Catering Association (GB), a past Chairman and Fellow of the Association of Catering Excellence and was a non-executive Director of Pride Catering from 2009 to 2015. He is also the Treasurer and a Trustee of his local Church.  His outside interests include running for various charities which included the London Marathon in 2011 and is a keen supporter of several football clubs.

[01.09.15 to 01.09.20]

[Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest:  Service Level Agreement between The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust and Norman Deas Consultancy Services to provide consultancy services on all aspects of the catering services within the Trust to ensure it operates efficiently and is compliant with all food hygiene legislation to agreed standards. Fee £8100 per annum, reviewable each academic year; dated 21st June 2016.]


Thumbnail JELLIS web-1 Jane Ellis

Jane Ellis is an accomplished school leader with rich and varied experience, spanning both the primary and secondary phases of education.  Through her former links as a Mathematics Adviser within the School Improvement Service, she is actively involved in the work of the Local Authority at many levels. Since achieving the National Professional Qualification for Headteachers, she continues to be associated with the training, coaching and mentoring of future leaders.  Her career profile means that she is well placed to lead the primary phase on behalf of the Academy Trust through her executive role.

[01.04.13 to 01.04.23]  [No pecuniary interest declared]

 Thumbnail ZJAMIL web-1 Zainab Jamil

As a parent of three children educated at Brookside Primary School, Zainab Jamil has a long and happy association with the School.  As such she is well placed to give a constructive appraisal of the progress the School is making and actively participate in shaping the future of the School through her contribution to the Local Advisory Body. 

[10.02.15 to 10.02.20]  [No pecuniary interest declared]

THUMBNAIL DSMITH web-1 Debra Smith

Debra Smith has been associated with the Trust in various capacities since September 2008. Her experience together with an MA in Integrated Provision for Children and Families, makes her well placed to discharge her role as Director of Early Years and Family Services.  With day nursery management experience and strategic lead at a local primary school where she set up stand-alone, self-financing pre-school provision, Debbie has been active in the local community, championing the cause of families bringing up children in challenging circumstances.  As a governor, she continues to be a great advocate for high quality Early Years provision.  

[01.09.16 to 10.02.20]

[Disclosure of pecuniary interest - Little Marvels Nursery Services Limited (Early Years) - Professional interest only, declared 15th November 2016]

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