Aiming High

The class teacher will get to know you and your child very well and will be pleased to involve you in every aspect of life at school. 

Certainly, it is important to recognise that every child is quite unique and will arrive at different milestones in their development, in their own way, and in their own time.   However, if for some reason your child is identified as having some additional learning needs, we will talk to you and agree a programme of classroom observation, testing, assessment and consultation so that appropriate action can be taken.  This may mean some additional support in particular areas.  Our approach to special needs is very practical and takes full account of national requirements.  In this regard, there are clear benefits which arise from being part of an Academy Trust in that we routinely have access to a team of specialist teachers and other professionals who will work individually with class teachers to plan suitable programmes of support. 

It is also important to understand what we mean by ‘stage not age’ given that some children are generally very able, whilst others have specific gifts and talents which can be readily accelerated.  Therefore it is important that every child is fully extended with the most able working occasionally with older children in specific areas of the curriculum.  Whatever a child’s ability might be, we aim at all times to cater for this through careful differentiation, intervention and enrichment programmes, always focused on getting the very best from each child.

We regularly assess the development and learning needs of each child throughout the school year and routinely meet at the beginning of each term with parents, guardians and carers to provide up-to-date feedback.  In so doing, it is possible to quickly determine which areas of learning need further development and where each child’s particular strengths and future needs lie.

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